Who We Are

Kelly WahlA linguist and former teacher, KELLY WAHL is a brand strategist and formally trained qualitative moderator with comprehensive experience in both Marketing and consumer Research. As a brand marketer, his expertise was taking declining brands and returning them to growth via the application of innovative, consumer-insight-based strategies.

Upon receiving his MBA, Kelly began his marketing career at The Kellogg Company, where he worked on brands such as Froot Loops, Mini Wheats, Frosted Flakes and the Eggo franchise. He led an innovative consumer-insight initiative to re-connect Frosted Flakes with kids—this insight work ultimately led to a new global strategy that restored growth to the brand.

Kelly joined Miller Brewing to lead the Miller High Life brand. Again, using innovative qualitative techniques, Kelly uncovered important, previously unknown insights into the minds of the core consumer.

Kelly joined SofoS Market Research Consulting in 2005. His teaching background gives him a natural ability to build rapport with respondents, and his advanced linguistics knowledge allows him to delve beyond what consumers say, getting into the deeper meanings that lie behind their surface words.

In addition to designing and executing qualitative research at SofoS, Kelly has his own company, Gnosis Marketing, through which he is a strategic brand consultant, specializing in establishing and repairing brand strategies and equities.

Lisa HermansonLISA HERMANSON is a qualitative research expert specializing in exploring, understanding, and interpreting consumer behavior, with twenty years’ experience in consumer research. Prior to her career in research, Lisa was an accomplished non-profit leader and a classically trained musician.

Lisa began her research career at Domino’s Pizza, working in all market research capacities in positions of consistently increasing scope and accountability, ultimately leading the department. A professionally trained moderator, she conducted all fieldwork at Domino’s, including moderating focus groups, franchisee one-on-ones, and quantitative CLTs. She was most notably responsible for the consumer-insight work done to launch the very first menu extensions in the company’s history.

Lisa then joined Kellogg’s, where she held various positions in cereal, convenience foods, and new business development. She developed innovative qualitative techniques to gain actionable understanding in the difficult area of kid research, and designed the first global concept-development and evaluation tools in the company’s history. Lisa ultimately assumed the position of Vice President of Market Research at Kellogg’s.

Lisa’s passion for qualitative research led her to found SofoS Market Research Consulting in 2001. Her strengths as a moderator stem from her background in the arts and non-profit, where she gained the ability to connect with people from all walks of life, while her professional research experience has given her an extensive understanding of human behavior and a mastery of both qualitative and quantitative tools. The result is: extraordinary study design, highly engaged respondents, interpretive analysis, and ultimately, very happy clients.

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