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From Kids to Seniors, traditional CPG to "green" marketing, food & beverage to durable goods, the key to great research lies in understanding your category, your consumer, and your needs. Click on our "Differences" below to see how SofoS can deepen your insights and drive your business into the future.
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Creative, Customized Design and Execution
Many times marketers have to combine information from various sources in order to make business decisions.
At SofoS, we're former market-research customers, just like you: we've designed and executed the quantitative studies that often follow qualitative, and we've had to present qualitative results to management within the context of other information sources like syndicated behavioral data, consumer quant, sales figures and customer feedback. So we're always thinking about your next step, to ensure that your qualitative output fits into your larger research picture.


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Studies that Fit Your Big Picture
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