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From Kids to Seniors, traditional CPG to "green" marketing, food & beverage to durable goods, the key to great research lies in understanding your category, your consumer, and your needs. Click on our "Differences" below to see how SofoS can deepen your insights and drive your business into the future.
The Differences Add Up Action-Oriented, Solution-Focused Insights
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It's one thing to see the light. It's another thing to capture that light in a way that you can use it.

A market research report that reads like a transcript is useless to you, and we know it; that's why we focus on providing relevant implications for your business goals. We separate out what's actionable from what's not, so you get clear, useful information.

One of the things that makes us unique among qualitative suppliers is that we've actually taken the results of consumer research and created business-driving, award-winning marketing plans from them. So we know what information is useful in building marketing strategies, in building managerial consensus, and in building brands.


Action-Oriented, Solution-Focused Insights
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