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From Kids to Seniors, traditional CPG to "green" marketing, food & beverage to durable goods, the key to great research lies in understanding your category, your consumer, and your needs. Click on our "Differences" below to see how SofoS can deepen your insights and drive your business into the future.
The Differences Add Up Creative, Customized Design and Execution
Creative, Customized Design and Execution

You need Market Research that fits your unique situation, not cookie-cutter focus groups pulled off a shelf.

With thousands of hours of qualitative experience both in front of and behind the glass, we creatively design custom research focusing on your business objectives, your categories, your consumers, and the different stages of your development processes. And all using innovative projective techniques that break through the surface and get down to the deep understanding you need.

We've worked with the broadest range of target consumers, in industries ranging from food/beverage and household CPG to durable goods to non-profit services, and from fuzzy-front-end to tactics implementation. We use that experience to customize every aspect of your project, from study design and execution to post-report, next-step consultation. What you get is efficient yet comphrehensive: the right research for your needs, with nothing lacking and nothing wasted.

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